Helena Ehrenbusch, MSc, MA

professional supervisor & coach, level 8 (ESCA standard) and supervised practice
artist, choreographer, and director
private entrepreneur (creative economy)
President of the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association 2016-2022

* Professional supervisor &coach (2010-2013)
Training: international intercultural supervision, coaching and organisation development training program, which corresponds to ANSE standards. The training was provided by Der Rote Faden (Ger) in cooperation with Tallinn University. 
Coaching and mentoring (2013)
David Clutterbuck Partnership programs:  „Basics of Mentoring”, „Mentor Program Leadership Training” and „Team Coaching
* MA choreographer/director (2005-2007)
* MSc in psychology (1993-2000)

Working experience
I have been working as a professional supervisor since 2013, supervising organisations, professionals and leaders. My clients are also teachers, school directors, members of defence forces, support teams, professional teams and individuals. Main themes: professional development, constructive solutions to complicated problems, effective teamwork, complicated client cases, risk and change management.
My knowledge is based on my personal experience of 20 years of leadership. Along with other challenges in life, I have been a lector and course leader at Tallinn University (dance and movement therapy), president and program leader of the Estonian Dance Artists Union  (today Eesti Tantsukunsti ja Tantsuhariduse Liit)  (additional education and support to professional dancers), Board member and head of daycare centres in Tallinn Mental Health Centre.
Today I am the founder and owner of Ehrenbusch Consulting Ltd, mainly oriented on the professional and personal development of individuals and organisations; president of the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association; owner and program leader of an exciting social and cultural project Luidja Tsirkusetalu.


I have an MSc degree in Psychology with a specialisation in clinical psychology from Tallinn University, which allows me to work as a psychologist counsellor. My deeper interest and experiences in the relations between dance, movement and psychology have given me the competencies to offer courses and self-developmental programs of bodywork.

I have developed my unique approach to client work based on various experiences and professional education, which above other things comprises elements from Jungian psychology, systemic family work, organisation counselling and constellations, risk management, management of change, problematic behaviour, contemporary dance and its various forms, circus, incl. social circus, impro theatre.

I am still a practising artist, performed on various stages as a dancer, acrobat, circus artist and fire dancer; created choreographies (MA in choreography/directing); taught and trained others.

You are very welcome to contact me, in case You are interested in a better quality of life, changes, creativity and a widened perspective on the world!

Photos: KROHV stuudio


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