The client of Ehrenbusch Consulting is a professional, who values development through reflective learning.
It is a person, whose job is demanding, unusual or rare. You might have less professional contacts from the same area around Your everyday environment. This means, that besides being alone in professional development, You must develop Your own conditions for work, define Your own client segment, be successful and recognised.

These are themes, where Ehrenbusch Consulting is experienced and can be useful for You.

Every job is a self-portrait.

Sign it with excellence.


  • Continuous professional development
  • Mapping, developing and training professional skills
  • Problem management
  • Balance and crisis

METHODSConsultation, Reflective learning, Supervision, Coaching

Ehrenbusch Consutling has worked out authentic movement based programs for groups, who are interested in development. These programs offer possibility for training professional skills, (learn to) get and give feedback, find balance, get reflection on personal level and group dynamics.