Supervision, coaching & counselling

is for people, who are somehow stuck in their life-path,
professionals, who work with other people and value life-long learning,
teams, who are inspired by empowering work-culture, efficient solutions and open communication, or
organisations, who wish to keep up with time and the constantly changing world.

My services are suitable for people, who are ready to think “out of the box” and work with themselves.

I shall help You to map the situation, visualise the bigger picture, understand reasons and consequences, find solutions to complicated and exciting situations, create a professional identity, and support personal development.

For organisations, we create tailor-made packages according to your needs and wishes, which is based on thorough analyses.  Our menu consists of organisational diagnosis and supervision, specific courses, team days and inspiring lectures.

Ehrenbusch Consulting is cooperating with various professionals to support the development and implementation of Your transformational visions, incl professional supervisors, coaches, psychologists, physical and visual artists, architects, musicians.